Casey’s Cupcakes of Laguna Beach voted “Best Cupcake in OC”

Who’s got the best cupcakes in OC? Casey’s Cupcakes of Laguna Beach!

Casey’s Cupcakes was voted “Best Cupcake” in OC Weekly’s 2012 “Reader’s Choice Awards,” a tasty distinction that follows Casey’s triumph earlier this year on The Food
Network’s “Cupcake Wars” battle.


So what makes Casey’s Cupcakes so special? Laguna Beach Foodies host Stasha Surdyke sat down recently with owner Casey Reinhardt to learn more about the background of Casey’s Cupcakes and what goes in to creating an award winning cupcake.

Stasha: Congratulations on being voted “Best Cupcakes.” I know that Casey’s Cupcakes has been a labor of love for you. When did this all begin?

Casey: In December of 2009 I opened my first location in the historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside, which my parents own. We opened our Laguna Beach location last December. It’s exceeded my expectations. It’s been a lot of fun, and a lot of work.

Stasha: I understand your interest in baking started long before Casey’s Cupcakes.

Casey: My great grandma taught me how to bake when I was three years old. We would always bake for holidays and family events. She has taught me so much. These are recipes that we have come up with together and I’m here sharing them with my customers.

Stasha: So you turned your passion into a business.

Casey: Yes. Every weekend I would bake, bake, bake with my friends, with my family,
and I would just bake a million different things and I would feed them to my family. And my step dad, who is actually a co-owner with me, is a sweets lover so he would test them and say “I think you need a little bit more of this or that,” so we would come up with different things together.


Stasha: Your Laguna Beach location is downtown in the heart of the shopping area. What’s that been like for you?

Casey: It’s been great because it’s my hometown. I’m so delighted to be here sharing it with all of the locals. It’s been such a great experience and the locals have been so supportive, which I’m very thankful for.

Stasha: This led to very big opportunity for you on the Food Network. You were on Cupcake Wars.

Casey: My episode aired in February. It was such an incredible experience that I’ll never forget it.

Stasha: You won the competition. How has that been for you with regards to your
relationships, and your peers and the media?

Casey: We have had so many opportunities come our way. It’s brought an enormous amount of attention to our shops so it’s been great.

Stasha: So what fun things are in store for Casey’s Cupcakes?

Casey: We have some really fun projects we are working on right now. I have a cupcake
champagne line we are developing, we have our cupcake lollipop line, and our dazzling doggie pup-cakes for dogs and cats. Another really exciting thing is we just signed our third lease, at Woodberry in Irvine. We are under construction and we are going forward with that location. We’re planning a lot of expanding.

Stasha: So where did the concept for you pink décor come from?

Casey: My whole life, I have had pink rooms, so this is like my room when I was growing up. I love pink, I love flirty, but it’s elegant at the same time. It’s Hollywood, but it has a Parisian twist.

Stasha: Tell me a little bit about some of these crazy flavors you have come up with. There are some crazy concepts like the chili chocolate.

Casey: Yes, it’s a dark chocolate cake with a ganache frosting, and we add some chili pepper and cayenne pepper, which gives it a kick at the end. We also have our vivacious vanilla, which is a Tahitian bean vanilla, which makes all the difference. All of our cupcakes have the highest quality ingredients, the freshest ingredients possible. We don’t cut any corners. Everything is baked with a lot of love, and a lot of care. Everything is hand frosted and hand decorated.

Stasha: Since you have become so successful with this endeavor, you’re giving back to the community with your Casey’s Foundation.

Casey: Yes, it’s Children’s Alliances for the Success and Education of Youth in need. We promote the importance of education and staying in school. We work with Olive Crest foundation for abused children. We also have done a breast cancer cupcake, and donated part of the proceeds to cancer research.

Stasha: Before I forget, I need to mention that you were featured in the TV series Laguna Beach: The Real O.C. Do you see any Laguna Beach fans coming to the store?

Casey: I do! A lot of tourists come in here and they tell me “we watched you in Laguna
, we’re so excited that you’re here.” And so it’s actually really fun that I get to meet a lot of the fans.

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Thanks for reading–we’ll see you next time!

Christopher & Stasha


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